27 November 2008

So it goes...

In the spring of my third year on earth, my dad and I went to the park to feed the Canada geese with a bag of stale bread crusts. But there were no birds. So we were just a father and son with a bag of stale bread crusts in the park.
"I'm sorry Craig, there aren't any birds here today," my father said.
"They must be on a hiatus," four year old Craig said.

My parents cite this event - the use of the word 'hiatus' by a three year old - as the genesis for my love affair with language. When I chose to study English, they told the Canada geese story and nodded their heads like they knew it all along. And it's true, I've always loved language.

But University has sapped my strength. This isn't a mild case of writer's block. Four years of studying English has left me wanting a space to sling around some bullshit; a few harmless untruths. Test out some metaphors and build some theories. Share some good music. I hope this space will encourage me to write. To say what is up in my head. Because there's some good stuff up there. I don't mind the idea of shooting these images out into space. I'm not traveling around the world just yet. So my words will draw the pictures.

And so it goes.


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