22 January 2009

Foot Fetish

Dixon "Seasick Steve's Percussion Section" (4B pencil on Mayfair) 18x24
Tonight I learned I have a foot fetish. Or what I've decided to call a talent for drawing boots. This contour drawing, which I've decided to title Seasick Steve's Percussion Section, was the highlight of my studio session. The tin can I attempted soon after wasn't nearly as successful. Actually, it was a complete disaster. So my good neighbor sitting on the donkey next to me removed her stylish boot and placed it among the clementine, wine glass and coffee pot sitting on the table in front of us. Nice girl. The results were encouraging to say the least. I'm really starting to love art class. Just as long as it's a boot. Not to mention my Spaghetti Western background is starting to pay dividends.


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