01 February 2009

Joyful Joyful & Thankful Thankful

Let me say that I am joyful joyful. I am thankful for the family I have and the love I can give. I am thankful for kind people. People who have nothing and are kind. Holding doors and saying please and thank you. Fantastic.

I am thankful for my friend Frank who perseveres. Who gives me more and teaches me more than I could ever give in return. Let the cliches run free. He was too shy to ask for help when he needed it most. Until his compadres rallied around him and helped. It was love. For real, please believe me. No one should be living the way he was living. So we waded knee deep in wreckage, antiques and shit for him, because he's our friend. So now he has a great place to call home and watch movies and hang his favorite coat and invite his friends over if he wants. Today means a fresh start for Frank and it only took one Saturday to do it. Joyful joyful. I just hope I hold on to this feeling I have. It's always so hard. Nearly impossible.

But when the Bean gives me that grin and winks and points straight at me or shows me her best impression of a lizard . . . I am joyful joyful & thankful thankful for everything I have. The two events seem connected. Because they are. My life is not great in contrast to Frank, but because I have Frank in it. So when Bean unexpectedly pulls me in close for a hug or nods like she does when asked if Uncle D I X O N can give her her bath, I am thankful. So thankful.

You win, events of the last day. I cannot put you into words.

And dear reader, just promise me that when you're with me, you'll be with me.

And dammit, you've gotta be kind.


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