27 January 2009

The Selby

The Selby is the website that is going to take over your life.

Photographer and visual biographer Todd Selby has photographed everyone from Devendra Banhart and Dolly Parton to N.E.R.D. and Santogold to Marc Jacobs and William Defoe. With The Shelby, his attention shifts to creative people - artists, musicians, broadcasters, enthusiasts, models, actors, directors, DJs and so on - and their homes, constructing a visual scrapbook and colourful catalogue from New York, Mexico, Paris, Los Angeles and beyond.

This could take weeks.
So, let's start.

The images above come from Mr. Selby's January 9 2009 cataloging of the East Village New York home of chef Malia Marden & filmmaker Frank Sisti Jr aka Kid America.

This is my new favorite thing.
More to come.

Click HERE for more images and an interview


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