10 February 2009

End Times

Jill Greenberg's latest series of photographs, entitled End Times, is causing serious debate and outrage. Greenberg deliberately provoked tearful outbursts from children by taking away candy she had just given them, which has led critics to label this as child abuse. She replies in kind by saying the candy was returned within 30 seconds, and suggests these expressions of angst and fear on the children's faces is intended to explore her helplessness and anger about the current political and social situation.

As our society becomes more and more socially refined in its consciousness we seem to pick our fights less and less. Everything is a fight. I don't mean to suggest we should label something like this tame or okay because it doesn't stack up to front page atrocities happening across oceans. Everything is relative. We're blessed to have the time and resources to put on the gloves every once and a while for something that matters. Let's start picking our fights. Packing a pretty punch when it really matters instead of crying wolf when a photog takes candy from a baby.

So did Greenberg go too far? Is this child abuse? Are tears acceptable means to artistic ends? How should we pick our fights? Click on COMMENTS below and tell me what you think.


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