03 February 2009

John Fellows

Artist John Fellows is an illustrator working out of Denver Colorado who's work spans posters, stickers, paintings and perhaps a few skate decks. His work is often textual and uses the mediums of stencil, tattoo, engraving, graffiti and collage to form an almost tribal-modern-traditionalism. I just made that up. Little did I know that Fellows designed the album artwork for El Guincho's exotic 2008 release Alegranza. While his work seems to form some sort of coherent whole, a catalog of sorts, his work always resists definition and singularity.
He's got me intrigued. You?

John was recently interviewed at length by Subaquatica out of Madrid on a number of topics; from his inspiration as an artist to his relationship to exteriors and sticker making.

Via Juxtapoz

Click HERE to read the interview


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