22 February 2009

Love sucks and music doesn't

Over reading week I've become terribly behind in listening to my Q podcasts. So it's time to catch up. While shoveling the walk this afternoon I enjoyed Q's All Love Sucks edition of the program from Friday February 13th, which featured an interview with Laura Mitchell, Scottish pain researcher and assistant professor of psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. She is the lead researcher on a project looking into the healing powers of music and other arts.

The test involved over 400 participants who submerged their hands into freezing cold water for as long they could manage. After a series of psychological questionnaires analyzing their ability to control and manage pain, the test was then repeated accompanied by the arts. Participants listened to their favorite music and largely reported more control and tolerance of pain.

While the arts community has long championed the healing powers of music to make a trip to the doctor more bearable or heal an all too oft broken heart, it is refreshing to see the science community add their voice to the refrain. One Monday at Jam Nite is all I need to know the healing powers of music. It warms my soul.

In the spirit of good music I've added some of my favorite healing tracks to my Hype Machine profile. Click on the heart and warm your freezing cold hands (or your broken heart). My healing tracks for right now are Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root and The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine.

What are your best healing jams?

More to come from the Friday February 13th All Love Sucks edition of Q the podcast.

Click HERE for my healing tracks


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