17 February 2009

Vacilando Territory Blues

Vacilando Territory Blues is the sixth solo release from drummer and vocalist Josh Tillman of the Fleet Foxes. After putting themselves on the map in a huge way in 2008, Tillman has already returned to his well cataloged solo career. (So this isn't like the time Justin Timberlake left to kick ass on his own.) J. Tillman brings the same joy to the dusty folk music trail that make the Foxes so popular. However, where the Foxes fill empty spaces with harmony and instrumentation, Tillman lets the song roam free. He lets those spaces exist like a big empty field so you can run around and play. Explore for yourself. Music that can slip into your background while you live in the foreground.

Firstborn is the first single from the record.
Video to be posted shortly.

Click HERE to download the MP3


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