02 March 2009

John Mayer Battle Studies

'JM's Modest Songwriting Rig'
I've been following John Mayer's Battle Studies since it was born a few weeks ago. Let me spin it for you quick: The blog allows you to follow the Grammy winner through the creation of his fourth studio album. Construction, production, lyrics, guitar lessons, pictures, listening suggestions, ideas and even Elmo makes an appearance in this bare bones chroncile of an artist at work. The Mid Action Report is in its infancy right now, as Mayer and his team construct the recording space as a 'living, breathing, ever-evolving organic space that contains every part of the record making process'.

I'm undecided whether or not this is only appealing to John Mayer fans or not. (I'm pretty bias.) We so often hear about artists quietly disappearing into the margins and then re-emerging with an aggressive advertising campaign to bring them out of their comatose. So maybe we shouldn't be allowed so intimately into the creative process? This is why I don't often watch the special features on a DVD. I don't want to know how you made the explosion. I just want to feel it happen. No matter what, I'll be connected to this record like a ball and chain. Believe that.

Click HERE for John Mayer's Battle Studies

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