24 March 2009

D I X O N F O M A has been in need of a reimagining for quite a while now. The old look was heavy and cluttered. Too much wasted space and too much purple. Maybe too much Kanye West for your tastes. On the verge of graduating from university I've been searching for a fresh start and a clean new look.

Version 2.0 is that fresh start. A white canvas for some exciting new ideas and interviews. (A design which may or may not find its inspiration in a rubber watch). It's a proper space to explore the arts and culture; and only the essentials have survived. I built this site up from scratch this afternoon, when I should have been writing essays. Now, it's ready for you to read. I hope you'll bookmark the site if you haven't already, or better yet, subscribe to the feed.

This is D I X O N F O M A reimagined.
Thanks very much for reading.


What do you think of the new look? Any suggestions?
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