02 April 2009

Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite Repackaging

My sister and I are quite fond of the aggressive and profane Chef Gordon Ramsay. It seems every family dinner we replay the same debate: one half of the table berating Ramsay for his unethical work standards and harsh treatment of his pupils; my sister and I defending his unruly tactics to no end. A few f-bombs are fine means to prestigious Michelin Stars. This made one of Chef Ramsay's latest releases, Healthy Appetite, a natural gift for her birthday. It's a beautifully rendered book with attention to local produce and good home cooked food.

The fun of this project is in the wrapping. I treated the book as if it were a piece of store bought meat. I modified two small styrofoam meat trays into one large tray that could hold the book. I put paper towel under the book to soak up the juice and included a large freezer bag rolled up with an elastic band for the left over meat. The whole package was then wrapped in clear plastic to keep in the freshness. I created unique labels with barcodes, nutritional information, and personalized birthday messages for my sister, to mimic a butcher's own electronic labels.

I think the project turned out quite well and my sister loved it.
That was the best part.

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