24 September 2009

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Jo

Pete Yorn's collaboration with Scarlett Johansson is nothing short of musical alchemy. Bringing Yorn into the mainstream fold while rescuing Johansson from a collection of pathetic celebrity attempts to become double or triple threats (see: Lindsay Lohan). In my opinion her solo album stops short of the potential of her own voice. Her raspy and undeniably sexy voice borders on Tom Waits texture. And that's a good thing! Check out Pete Yorn's solo demo of the song Relator (available on iTunes) and you'll soon realize the intangibles Scarlett brings to the track. Then brings to the album. A well made collaborative album with a deliberate sound. This dynamic duo is hardly late breaking news but an absolute must from the musical pantheon I dredged up on my summer hiatus.


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