27 October 2009


The second leg has begun! My compadres and I safely arrived in Bali yesterday and have already begun canvasing the island for Indonesian handicrafts. At first glance Bali took my breath away. I'm not sure why I maintained the idea that Thailand and Bangkok would be very much like Indonesia and Bali. To my great surprise, their cultures are distinct and shockingly different. Double the motorcycles and half the common sense of Khaosan road and its organized chaos.

Hinduism colours every pathway in a post-apocalyptic kind of way. This is a beautiful surf town with a heavy case of dictatorship hangover. Entire city blocks where every major surf brand has their own store front easily distracts me from a culture soon forgotten. For now. Because each street seems to yearn for what it once was. A peaceful secret.

We are staying at the gorgeous Puri Padi (pictured above). Outdoor lobby and dining rooms leads to the beautiful hacienda style space our foursome occupies; each with our own room and breathtaking balcony. I have never stayed in such an incredible place. And I say that with complete confidence. Geckos traverse the walls and the surrounding landscapes seem to hum.

Let me have another one tomorrow.

The world!


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