02 October 2009

Villa M2

A relatively short time after taking interest in architecture I was overwhelmed with the notion that I could be unaffected by images of some epic build in some epic country. A parade of clean cut modern designs to my untrained eye begins to appear all too familiar. I know I've found something great when the build manages to catch my eye amongst the masses. And that's when I pass it on to you.

Villa M2 by Jonas Lindvall A&D caught my eye. Situated in a Swedish village south of Malmo near a disused lime quarry that has become a lake, this modern clean cut space incorporates large windows to take in the stunning view. Of course. Much of the furniture was designed by the Jonas Lindvall design firm. The relatively undefined space suggests the all too familiar flow between interior space and exterior landscape. That's one of my favorites. It is in the details of this epic build that the untrained eye is trained.

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