26 January 2010

Mr. Simon Collision

It's en vogue to suggest that social networking media has ushered in the age of the everyman celebrity. Fifteen minutes at least. Your Facebook profile, Twitter feed and blog enhance your magnificent and unique ego on a worldwide stage.
So why not do it in style?

Mr. Simon Collision has rendered his own online celebrity in magnificent fashion; providing a sanctuary for his Flickr, Vimeo, Delicious, Facebook and Twitter accounts. These familiar images are made stunning and hardly recognizable with his custom icons - Bloody Facebook is Lassie - and high school textbook layout of the best kind. The Nottingham web designer, author, speaker and creative director is an endearing character. His wry & deranged content makes every detail a great bit of fun. Good on ya Colly.

Click HERE to meet Mr. Simon Collision


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