14 February 2010

My John Mayer Experience

I've often said that John Mayer's lyrics resonate so well because of their conversational nature. He juxtaposes simple phrases you've said before with sprawling melodies and powerful musical arrangements. And it is in that juxtaposition we forget how simple the lyrics really are. When you subtract the horn section and the base beat, you realize his words have issued from your own lips. John is just clever enough to sing 'Go cry about it why don't you' and pair it with a guitar solo.

Then clever conversation gets you in trouble. John Mayer's racially charged comments in a recent Playboy interview gained all the attention in the week leading up to the tickets I held in my hand. Sixth row tickets to the Battle Studies World Tour Saturday night. Apologizing for the comments at his Nashville concert on Wednesday, Mayer suggested a resolution: Time to stop being so clever all the time and just play guitar.

On Saturday night he played his guitar.

A well rounded set list of Battle Studies jams and old reliable tunes included a Steve Jordan drum solo and an epic Half Of My Heart / All You Need is Love / Fleetwood Mac Dreams medley marathon. A medley so deep and driven he broke his resolution. He stopped playing guitar and was clever for a moment: 'You can't think your way through love. You can't think your way through love. You can't think your way through love.' And it got me to thinking, this was a nice bit of advice from a clever conversational singer songwriter who's learned a lot over the last seven days.

Happy Valentines Day M.

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