10 February 2010

Robert Stone

Californian born and bred Robert Stone is an independent DIY architect with a strong punk rock sensibility. This brash and courageous attitude informs his entrepreneurial venture, Pretty Vacant Properties, in which Stone goes solo into the desert and designs vacation homes for rent.

Stone's inspired lexicon and departure from mainstream architecture, both in shape and location, create a compelling sculptural architecture that boldly stands alone in a stark landscape. In his own personal aesthetic language...

'I have developed a present, local, and personal aesthetic language that I find can engage its specific physical and cultural context in more subtle and powerful ways than the more universal and abstract approaches that dominate the scene. I am well aware that it is very different than the leading edge of mainstream architecture, and I am sure that some of the things that make it resonate so strongly here in the Southern California desert also make it difficult for outsiders to full assemble, but I am going for depth rather than breadth.'

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