28 April 2011

Rave On Buddy Holly

Pitchfork broke news this morning of a Buddy Holly tribute record to be released June twenty eighth. The Black Keys, She & Him, My Morning Jacket, Florence + The Machine and Julian Casablancas amongst others all take a crack at one of pop music's most important figures.

These days, Charles Hardin Holley manages to work in the background. He is both iconic and forgotten in a modern music landscape which is indebted to him. Not indebted to thick black horn rimmed glasses or the jovial lilt in his voice that characterizes so much of what he recorded by the age of twenty two, but to a pop music sensibility and creative work ethic we rarely see today. Here's to hoping some of that brilliance rubs off on the fresh young crop of songsters getting ready to rock around with Ollie Vee.


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