16 August 2011

Lighting Bolt

Authentic Hawaiian surf brand Lighting Bolt was born in '71 and continues its interests in the connection between man & nature that defines so much of surf culture. Their philosophy is clearly defined. A deliberate intention to lead the life of a soul surfer:
Lighting Bolt is a pure source of inspiration. Lighting Bolt believes that surf is more than just a sport - it is a way of life, a way of mental and physical self-development, where there are no winners or losers. Whoever surfs always wins in regard to humbleness, companionship. Surfing develops self-knowledge, with physical and psychological abilities essential to one's daily life. Lightning Bolt believes that each wave is a lesson. Lighting Bolt is inspired by the true spirit of surfing and its riders' lifestyle, a soul surfer approach and a free rider state of mind.
via GQ


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