07 September 2011

Backyard Bill

What seems like thousands of athletic balls are dumped on the floor of my elementary school gymnasium and tossed across the half court line while my elated classmates scream 'don't throw your junk in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard's full.' That was a game reserved for the best of days and the best of teachers looking to win some cache with students.

What sartorial photographer & blogger Backyard Bill isn't concerned with in the least - ironically or not - is the junk in your backyard. He's interested in style. Straightforward and direct in his pursuit of what geographical location, astrological signs and grown up aspirations might create the best conditions for a notable style. Whereas; the time popular blogger & style photographer Todd Selby invests in the objects on the shelf, the collection of kitsch in the background and the stack of books in the corner, Backyard Bill spends raiding the closet and hitting the streets. A refreshing approach with brilliant results. Alike Mr. Selby, Backyard Bill is a biographer. An admirable pursuit by any measure.

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