30 January 2009

Ladies of the Canyon

Imagine you are stored up in your Jersey studio with a hurricane lurking outside. Four beautiful women appear at your doorstep looking for refuge, room and board. In exchange, they offer up their musical talents. They'll make you dance the shit out of the floor for a few loaves of bread and a bottle of suds. You invite your best compadres over for some music, suds and refuge. Then you let the blue grass gypsy cowgirls play you into the night.

Ladies of the Canyon take over your living room in much the same way. Their harmonies fill the room like an orchestra and their instruments are exchanged between them like trading cards. They are an organic group of women who command your attention and never let go. Their catalog is autobiographical and worthy of real tears. You believe what they are saying. And that's important. They let you believe that all four girls are the lead singer, the center piece to a brilliant pastiche of vintage clothing and inspired childhoods of musical encouragement. A beautiful night of music in a Forest City heritage home. Thank's Pete.

I saw the Montreal based Ladies of the Canyon with my sister, brother-in-law and A.D. at the London Music Club. We stayed afterwords to enjoy some uninhibited Electric Blues Night and a few more bottles of suds. There was a Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On. Support local music. That's what I'm trying to say.

Click HERE for Ladies of the Canyon


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