28 February 2009

Come When I Call

When I first previewed the John Mayer Trio's 2005 debut record Try!, there were several tracks that stood out to me as having been pulled from the blues catalog of someone like Magic Sam or Buddy Guy. Songs like Good Love is on the Way and Another Kind of Green had me convinced that Mr. Mayer and his two new found compadres were recycling blues history. That's just what the blues are, repetition with variation. These new-to-me tracks were tucked in between Hendrix's Wait Until Tomorrow and Ray Charles I Got a Woman. They sounded like they belonged. Then I realized I was listening to the realization of John Mayer's blues chops.

Come When I Call is one such hidden blues gem that has become one of my favorite songs in the currently growing Mayer arsenal. It sounds like a living, breathing blues song that found its way back through one of the most talented guitar players in popular music. Then you remember that he wrote it. Come When I Call is his. The Trio's crisp black suits and rockabilly guitars make this performance from the Where the Light Is DVD a beautiful thing.

And it only agrees with me more because I dated the girl he's talking about. The one that's always busy. Never has a moment for you. Friday night she's busy, something else to do. Saturday she's sleepin', got work on Sunday too. You got to know baby, everybody's free sometime.


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