16 February 2009

Theophilus London

This will be Theophilus London's year. The Brooklyn born rapper is getting some heavy hype, and there's no fear the new it-boy will be unable to carry the load. He's got this one. I'm not sure who's got the torch at the moment, but Neon Gold's assessment is true: Theophilus London is the new King of Pop. There may be nothing drastic happening on the surface of his tunes, but underneath lies the reinvention and the rectification of hip hop. His latest release, This Very Charming Mixtape, has the diversity of Little Boots and the urban styling of the early Kanye West. Who else can remix Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You with ease, and get away with it? Add the Elvis Costello inspired album cover, and you're playing with fire. Do yourself a favor and listen to all 51.2 minutes of (free) glory from cover to cover. Pretty please.

Click HERE to download This Very Charming Mixtape


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