19 October 2009


Safe and sound in Bangkok after more than 24 hours of air flight and travel; my circadian rhythms have been shot out of a canon. Despite the battle with the body clock, I've taken to this new world of mine like a Thai cat to electrical wires.

My experienced compadre Mr. Jim makes these colourful city streets safe and joyful. Streets where you can buy fresh mango and an English Phd. all in the same block. That's Khaosan, alright. The gateway to Southeast Asia. Organized chaos. Organized chaos. Organized chaos.

Meal time means good local fare. Thai food just means food now. Authentic national cuisine and fine breakfast buffets pepper my busy buying lifestyle. We spend our days searching out new product and spending big baht. It all ends with $6 foot massages and a tall bottle of Tiger.

Let me have another one tomorrow.


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