14 October 2009

Gone To Thailand

Not until this moment have I felt the serene pleasure of the adventure on my horizon. Only now does it feel like a reality. Which in this instance means another reason to run away to neverneverland. A different neverneverland. This is a work trip that by all appearances is the greatest opportunity I have ever afforded myself. The darkest and most beautiful tunnel I have ever peered into.

Over the next six weeks I will travel through Indonesia and Thailand on a whirlwind hailmary pass. Unlike my last disappearing act, this does not mean the end of D I X O N F O M A! It's hard for me to say how blogging will fit into my schedule, but I will use this blank tabula rasa to chronicle my journey as best I can. All the arts and culture I can muster with a view into the pirate life of South East Asia through words and images.

Be well my friend.
And thanks very much for reading.



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