10 March 2009

Would You Live In A Shipping Container?

Check out the great article by Michael Cannell from Fast Company, profiling the subversive and enigmatic architect Adam Kalkin. Designer of the Push Button House, Kalkin is at the forefront of a group of architects using the shipping container as their medium of choice.

'In architectural circles, Kalkin is regarded as something of an oddball. He began his talk at the Urban Center in New York Tuesday night by playing the first five minutes of a Jerry Lewis movie, followed by the actor's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards last month. His website includes lessons on hitting a tennis forehand and a selection of songs to sing after taking antidepressants. Years ago Kalkin shaved while delivering a lecture at the Whitney Museum.'

He may be an oddball, but his work with cheap, mobile and highly recyclable shipping containers includes the Quik House, a prefab home ($150 a square foot) made from six shipping containers that can be completed in three months. A smaller version, called the A Pod ($50,000), will be available later this year. That could change the world.

Click HERE to read the article by Michael Cannell


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